Do Slugs Dream Of Snails?



Talk, Help, and Blame Each Other! 🐌💥🐌



Game Shows

  • #WSAxARCADE in Winchester and London

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  • Press Kit Download (English / 日本語) coming soon
  • Game Download (Windows / Mac) coming soon

Development Updates

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Development Blog:

How To Play?


The two players need to communicate well with each other to build a strategy in this game.

The second player controls Swampie, who requires his cord plugged in a socket to supply his electric power. The first player Snailie can not go through the cord which blocks ways while the speedy obstacles chase them. Snailie can pick up a water hose and it needs to be connected to a water source and stretched, which will block the second player’s way.


  • Windows, Mac OS X
  • Two controllers, and a partner!


coming soon


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