Do Slugs Dream Of Snails?


Talk, Help, and Blame Each Other! 🐌💥🐌



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  • Winchester Show, 14th-22nd June 2018 now on going!
  • London Show, Hoxton Arches, 26th-28th June 2018

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The two players need to communicate well with each other to build a strategy in this game.

The second player controls Swampie, who requires his cord plugged in a socket to supply his electric power. The first player Snailie can not go through the cord which blocks ways while the speedy obstacles chase them. Snailie can pick up a water hose and it needs to be connected to a water source and stretched, which will block the second player’s way.


  • Windows, Mac OS X
  • A partner!
  • Two controllers recommended
    • Windows: Xbox 360, Xbox One, Joy-Cons
    • Mac: Xbox 360, Joy-Cons


  • Sharing Keyboard

Keyboard Controls

  • 1 Keyboard & 1 Controller

Keyboard&Console Controls

  • 2 Controllers

Consoles Control


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Game Projects

Do Slugs Dream Of Snails?

Release: to be May 2018 Platform: Windows/Mac


Talk, help, and blame each other!🐌💥🐌

Do Slugs Dream Of Snails? is local coop action puzzle game for two players. While the strong enemies chase the players around, they need to solve puzzles, charge their powers and try to beat enemies, so they need a good communication to quickly build a strategy. The players can respawn unlimitedly but they will lose if both of them are dead at the same time. After the game over the players will know which player contributed more on their failure/success.

Witches Craft Prototype

Release: May 2017 Platform: Windows/Mac/iOS (Unity Remote)


Cast your own magic…

Witches Craft is a role-playing adventure game, in which the player may cast spells by combining elements to fight against enemies and solve various kind of riddles. The main character Amber is a young talented  witch born in the Victorian era. She visits an old witch Rosalind to learn magic, but soon they get involved in a battle with soldiers who hate witchcraft.

Viral Prototype

Release: to be Jan 2016 Platform: Windows/Mac


Time to invade human bodies! 💊😈

This is the first group project in my degree. The player is a bacteria  and tries to invade deeper and deeper. Blood clots, cholesterols, and leukocyte will block his way.

About Me

Shiori Kanaoka カナオカシオリ

Final-year student in BA Games Design and Art at Winchester School of Art.

I also enjoy singing, drawing, composing and writing stories.

I’d love to create games which entertain and give people happy smiles 😀

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